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Bucket Elevator's


Bucket Elevators are used in industry to elevate bulk material to desired levels. The typical Bucket Elevator consists of a series of Buckets mounted on a chain or belt operating over head and boot terminals. A steel casing usually encloses the bucket line and the head and foot machinery. The selection of Bucket elevator  depends largely on the capacity requirements and the characteristics of the material to be handled, its types are :

      Centrifugal Discharge Type
      Continuous Discharge Type
      Positive Discharge Type

Buckets of Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Plastic Construction are available with various designs, capacities, reinforced wear lips etc. Economic and simple design, generally suitable for free flowing materials, fines to small lump size, Buckets fixed on elevator chain or belt at regular intervals, with special fasteners. Correct speed of Buckets over the head wheel ensures proper discharge of materials by centrifugal action from the bucket to the discharge chute. KONEL designs elevators to match your duty requirements by selecting the appropriate combination. KONEL also offers super capacity elevators.


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