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Screw Conveyor's


The Screw conveyor are one of the simplest methods used for the movement of bulk materials, consists primarily of conveyor  screw rotating  in a stationary trough. Material placed in the trough is moved along its length by rotation of the screw. Bearing hangers support the screw. Inlets, Outlets, gates and other accessories control the materials and its disposition.

The screw conveyor is compact and easily adapted to congested location, and its supports are simple and easy in installed. Its versatile and can be mounted in horizontal, inclined and vertical in positions. It can be used to control the flow of material in processing operations which depends upon accurate batching.

The screw conveyor can be effectively sealed against the escape of dust or fumes or the entrance of dirt or moisture. It can be jacketed to serve as dryer or cooler. It can be furnished in vide verity of materials to resist corrosion, abrasion or heat.

Standard and conventional screw conveyors and feeders are available in sizes ranging from 100 mm to 1000 mm Screw with varying pitches and paddle types, fitted with hanger bearings, are available.


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